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by Dennis Becker on September 27, 2011

Every business needs to be built on a firm foundation…

“Build Your Business On a Solid Foundation and You’ll Never Have to Start Over From Scratch!”


Dear colleague,

I’m Dennis Becker. I’ve been doing this Internet marketing thingy since 1998 when I started selling on eBay.

In the beginning, I found a site generation tool which enabled me to create a truly ugly web site, with a very rudimentary shopping cart. That worked, but it was ugly and difficult to maintain.

Then I learned HTML, purchased another shopping cart solution, and started taking credit card and PayPal payments.

That worked, but again, it was difficult to maintain.

Then I started selling infoproducts, and I’ve played with several platforms including plain PayPal buttons, Clickbank, the $7 Secrets script, Rapid Action Profits, a pretty cool dime sale script, and more.

I’ve had almost as many starts and stops as my 2000 Chrysler.

They all worked, but were sometimes lacking in security, and all except Clickbank meant I had to install them on my own server, and continually upgrade the scripts when security fixes of bugs were fixed.

Whenever I wanted to put up a new product, I had to install the script in another domain, and all that… it was really messy and inconvenient.

And when the script needed upgrading to fix something… forget about it.

I can’t begin to count the number of hours I’ve wasted in the past jumping through hoops and reconfiguring existing sites, just to stay up to date… and none of that work ever resulted in a nickel extra profit.

In fact it cost me money because I could have been creating something instead of fixing something.

The turning point of my business came in March 2010, when I made a decision, after many weeks of searching, after a decision to try moving my products one more time, hopefully the last time, to a new platform.

I signed up for Nanacast.

I’m a private guy, and I don’t really like to give numbers, but let’s just say that in March 2010 my income was comfortable, I was doing OK, but not spectacular.

Immediately after starting the move to Nanacast, I started to see an increase in sales and profits. Based on my average monthly income for the 1st quarter of 2010, I had a 31% improvement for the 2nd quarter, but that was just the start…

For the 2nd half of 2010, compared to the quarter before Nanacast, my monthly average income had jumped 342%.

And for the first half of 2011, again compared to the 1st quarter of 2010, my average monthly income was up 373%.

Now… I’m not saying those are typical results, and it took work, but Nanacast gave my business a solid foundation to move forward, and once I learned the ropes, which admittedly took a while, things progressed at lightning speed.

But those are just numbers, meaningless in themselves, just a way to keep score.

I *Heart* Nanacast

Here’s why I love Nanacast…

I consider that my business has 3 main types of assets:

  • Products
  • Email subscribers
  • Affiliates

Nanacast helps me manage all three.

Sure, I have to create or find products, but let’s talk numbers again. I teach people that their success in many ways comes from the number of buy buttons they have. I have a lot of buy buttons, probably more than the average IM’er.

In the 16 months since I signed up for Nanacast, I’ve loaded up 253 products to the platform. Not all are available for purchase, and some are duplicate versions of something else, but there are currently 146 different products in our affiliate center that are out in cyberspace and ready for affiliates to promote.

146 products, and growing. That’s an average of 9+ new products a month.

All done by myself and my partner Rachel Rofe, together or individually, and many of the products are resell rights or private label rights products (you CAN make a ton of money from them, if you get those buy buttons out there, like we have).

Asset #2:

Nanacast doesn’t manage my email subscribers, but it helps me build my list. I use Aweber (love them), but Nanacast allows me to have people opt into my lists after purchasing a product without having to spend the time to set up the subscribe forms.

That saves me a lot of time, and those lists are pure gold because they’re chock full of email addresses from buyers, people who have trusted me enough to invest in one or more of my products, and are likely to do so again, as long as I continue building upon that relationship.

Most importantly, the 3rd and final business asset I have, and the key reason I chose Nanacast, are my affiliates.

Tell me, if you have a product on Clickbank, do you have any relationship with those affiliates? There might be 100,000 or more, but can you contact them?


0 to 3,219 in 16 months

In March, 2010, I had 0 affiliates. I signed up for Nanacast, and my first priority was to set the affiliate signup mechanism in place. It was easy. I now have 3,219 affiliates.

Of course many affiliates just sign up and do nothing, most say that maybe 2% actually do something. Of my 3,219 affiliates, I’ve sent commissions to 281 of them, almost 9% of them (though it seems like a small percentage, relative to the other platforms I’ve used (Clickbank, RAP, my dime sale script), I’m pretty pleased).

And many of those affiliates keep promoting, and making money, week after week, month after month, because of the one thing that Nanacast gives me, and them, that makes them so darn loyal…

Why are my affiliates so darn loyal?

Lifetime tracking across my entire product line.

You see, when an affiliate sends someone to one of my sales pages, they get tagged, not just by cookies but also by IP address, as having been referred by that affiliate.

They might have been sent to just pick up a free report from me, and to get the report they join my email list.

Then, after I build a relationship with them, so that they know, like and trust me, when I recommend something that I’ve come out with to them, they are likely to make a purchase.

And if they do, the affiliate gets paid a commissions, often for a product that he or she has never heard of, let along promoted.

Any one of my 146 (and growing) products, including some that give recurring income.

My active affiliates love me. When it comes time to decide what to promote, they prefer to promote something of mine that will potentially get them sales months and years later, rather than a Clickbank product that will maybe get them a “one and done” commission.

How do I get them to love me so much? Simple… I use Nanacast, not e-junkie, not Clickbank, not RAP… and the lifetime tracking across my entire product line is built into the system, I don’t have to do a thing to implement it (but if you wanted to take that ability away, you could).

Some of my affiliates have promoted for me just once or twice, many months ago, and are getting paid every month for products they didn’t promote.

Do I mind?

Heck no, I don’t mind, it’s only fair, they sent people to my sales page in the past, I signed them up onto my list, and I continue to market to them. The affiliate should benefit, don’t you think? I do.

So I love Nanacast, and the 373% income improvement that it meant to my business so far.

But what about you?

Are you in business, or are you building your cyber-home on a bed of sand?

But there’s been a problem.

Since joining Nanacast I’ve had sort of a “love-hate” relationship with it.

I love what I can do, how productive it can make me, how much extra money it’s put into my pocket through things like easy upsells, shopping cart features, advanced sales reporting, download security, physical product fulfillment capabilities, and the all important affiliate management that I mentioned before, and more.

I love all that, but I hated how long it took me to get up to speed.

In fact, I almost gave up before I started.

And the first month I was on board, I didn’t get many buy buttons out there.

I know a lot of people aren’t as persistent as I was, and I know people that signed up, got frustrated because setting things up the first time weren’t totally intuitive, and left to go back to Clickbank, Warrior Plus, e-junkie, or elsewhere.

I was stubborn…

If I weren’t so stubborn, I would have missed the 373% improvement in my business.

If I could promise you a 373% increase in your business, how much would you say Nanacast is worth to you?

I once posted in the Earn1KaDay forum that Nanacast is worth 100 times more than I pay for it. Maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but not a lot. It’s worth at least 20 times more than I pay for it, for sure.

It’s a bargain, now that I know how to use it properly and am taking full advantage of its many powerful features.

I can’t promise you a 373% increase in income, though. I don’t know if you’ll work as hard as me, I don’t know how many products you’re prepared to load up, I don’t know how well you’ll treat your affiliates, but I do know that if you follow the steps, and build your business on a solid foundation, your income will improve.

What I can promise is that you don’t need to hate the startup experience. I spent at least 40 hours trying to figure out what I had to do to get my first product up and running on Nanacast.

I think you’ll think that Nanacast is a lot of fun… I wasn’t saying that in the beginning, I was frustrated beyond belief.

Can you do this in 10 minutes?

Now I can put up a product, with an upsell, automatically adding buyers to my email list, giving customers a choice of whether to buy by PayPal or credit card, tied into my affiliate management platform… in 10 minutes, sometimes less, once the sales page is complete and the download files have been uploaded to Amazon S3 (you can upload yours anywhere you want, I use S3 for maximum security).

They say experience is the best teacher… but wouldn’t you rather use my experience than your experience?

If you’d like to avoid those 40 hours of learning time, trial and error time, experiment and start over frustrations, I’ve put together a video course that’s just what you need.

22 videos covering the basics, the should-knows, and the advanced topics, wherever you find yourself at the current time.

My “Nanacast to Mega Cash Course” will teach you:

  • why you want to use Nanacast to begin with
  • how to set up your first product, and then beyond that
  • how to set up quick and easy upsell products, so that you aren’t leaving money on the table
  • how to synchronize your email list from your Nanacast product buyers
  • how to recruit, manage, and pay affiliates
  • how to use advanced functions, such as forced coupons, blacklisting problem customers, special linking, and more

And I not only show you the ropes, I give you the benefit of my 16 months of experience by giving you snippets of code that you can use to:

  • easily get your first product up and running
  • create a thank you page so it’s not so ugly (whether you prefer to use HTML or WordPress to build that page)
  • how to create an upsell page (it’s easy, but not THAT easy the first time)
  • and maybe best of all, I give you my affiliate signup page template so that you can model what’s gotten me over 3000 affiliates in a short amount of time.

But maybe you’re not ready to sign up for Nanacast. That might be the question on your mind today. Why learn something you don’t know if you want to use, right?

Well… wait, let’s think about that.

Maybe you just want to know what you’re getting yourself into. Maybe you don’t want to spend the money to join Nanacast until you see how difficult (or easy) it is, until you know if there are gotcha’s that mean it’s not suitable for your business, until you’re just plain comfortable.

Sure, you can use the Nanacast sales page to give you the pitch, right?

But can you really feel comfortable buying something that you’re committing to as a foundation of your business based on the contents of the vendor’s sales page?

Would you buy a house from a picture in the newspaper? Would you buy a new car without taking a test drive?

So maybe you want to be ready before the clock starts ticking on your trial period.

So that when you join, you could have your first product up, your buy button in place, and bringing in income the first day.

And already accepting new affiliates to help you sell your product.

How cool would that be?

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