2011 Tax Time Super Bundle

by admin on September 26, 2011

“Who Wants To Take Advantage
Of A Broke And Lonely
Internet Marketer?”

Dear Friend:

I’ve got a problem.

When you’re self employed, you have to estimate how much you’re going to owe the IRS the following year, and the way it’s generally done is to take the prior year’s income and assume you’re going to make the same amount again.

And then you pay taxes every 3 months based on that estimate.  Here’s the problem…

Since 2009 was an OK year, but nothing spectacular, the estimate for 2010 taxes was sort of low. Then along came my incredible partner, Rachel Rofe, who along with incredible customers and affiliates, helped me increase my 2010 income by around 100%.

Oops, she (and you) helped increase my taxes 100% as well, and that means that I owe a lot more than I paid into the system.

A whole lot more.

Not that I’m complaining, I’d rather pay taxes on increased profits than go on welfare, if you know what I mean. But the taxes have to be paid, and pronto.

So that means trouble in paradise, I’m afraid.  The check has to be mailed on April 18th, and covered shortly after that.


The good news is my pain is your gain, because in order to replenish my bank account, I need to make you an offer you can’t refuse, and a price that you won’t blink at.

Here’s what I have in mind…

19 Great Products, Yours For The Taking!

My other problem is Rachel’s at a retreat and without a computer, and I know she could write a beautiful sales letter for this sale.  I know I could do better than this, but I don’t have time, and she taught me well…

So, even though she left me alone and desperate, I’ve listened as she taught me the lazy way to copywriting success…

She taught me that a great offer accounts for 80% of the sales copy, so I spent my time coming up with an amazing offer, rather than trying to write compelling copy that will bring you to tears and coax the wallet out of your pocket or purse.

Here’s What You Get When You Say “Yes”

Facebook Ad Explosion

Fiverr Outsourcing Secrets

Podcast Profits

Forex Secrets (with PLR)

Photoshop Secrets

6 Figure Blogging

Mobile Marketing Profits

Forum Marketing Basics Crash Course (with PLR)

Offline Eclipse (make money by leasing web sites)

5 Bucks a Day to Earn 1K a Day Special Webinar

Big Ticket Product Launch

Supercharge Your Copy With Graphics

WP Clone (course, not software)

Convert Static Sites to WordPress Sites (course, not software)

101 Photoshop Tips

Membership Treasury

Using Affirmations for Positive Change

Adrenaline Affirmation Audio Series

Offline 21 Step Manifesto

19 products…

… many of which we’ve never sold before…

… some HAVE been sold, and have sold well…

Some are reports, some are video courses, and some are audios.

Trust me, these are not crappy products.

Something for everybody, I think

Check out the titles, there’s no real theme; it’s a little bit of everything. There’s stuff about mindset, WordPress, Facebook, membership sites, offline marketing, graphics, and much more.  A whole lot of good information.

If I took the time to describe everything in all 19 products, list all the benefits, and pretty it all up, I’d need to take days, and I don’t have days.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it – this is a fantastic bundle. Just look at the titles. Try to visualize how they can benefit you, and trust that I wouldn’t dare lose your trust by piling up a load of crappy, outdated drivel.

Join Product Drop
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